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benefits of CPPRT:
• an audit trail and history of the entire  project
• timely filing for SED Building Aid Reimbursement
• simple production of required SED forms & reports
• improved accountability and communication for all project team members
• one-time data entry
• securely archived records
• complete vendor record
simplifying financial controls, preventing overpayment
• quality control & quality
• independence from architect’s and construction manager’s reports
• user-friendly reports available to BOE & administration
• increased credibility to
community members

CapProSoft® products are  supported as a CoSer by the Lower Hudson, Eastern Suffolk and Northeastern Regional Information Centers (BOCES).
Additional Information:
SED Guidelines:
Your Responsibilities
CPPRT vs. Existing Methods
Record Keeping: Advantages of CPPRT


Capital Projects Planning & Reporting Tool (CPPRT)
  web-based software solutions
  Capital Projects Planning 
& Reporting Tool (CPPRT)

Capital Projects Planning & Reporting Tool allows you to track all aspects of your capital project on a multi-year basis. The central database keeps you in charge of your capital project.
  Available reports:
Financial & Project Reports: 
• Vendor Status Report
• Project Summary Report
• Project Detail
• Project Directory
• Vendor Summary
• Project History
• Change Order Status 
• Project Insurance
  SED Facility Planning Reports:
• Letter of Intent Form
• Scope of Proposed Project 
• Change Order Certification 
• Financial Revision Request 
• Application for Approval of Final 
   Plans & Specifications
• Code Compliance Checklist
• Final Building Project Report
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